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About genealogy.katarincic.com

Genealogy.katarincic.com is sponsored by Katarincic.com, Inc. consulting services. It was designed and implemented by Robert "Scott" Katarincic using ASP .Net 3.5, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, IIS and SQL Server 2008.

If you would like a genealogy website for YOUR family, contact Scott.

This is Version 3.0

About Katarincic.com

Katarincic.com, Inc. is a small software consulting firm located in Coconut Creek, FL. It specializes in Programming, Databases, Networking and WEB sites.

About Scott

Scott was born and raised in Escanaba, Michigan, USA and graduated Northern Michigan University. He has been living in Florida since 1984 and plays music for fun. He has been researching family history for several years and has amassed quite a collection of photos, documents and artifacts. His goal with this site is to further develop an understanding of his genealogy.

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