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This page will act as a running commentary of what's new in these pages. I'll try to make updates to this site on a monthly basis.
Date_AddedWhatsNew Notes
2008-05-06Added contributions page, normalize and clean up person data, update display and edit person screens, add max search results
2008-04-28add update user, redesign image structure
2008-04-13Added more functionality on the "display tree" feature.
2008-04-12Add login log, disable guest fields, begin display tree control
2008-04-11Added marriages, parents and sibblings
2008-04-10added update family and family sort order
2008-04-09Added images to each person
2008-04-08Add "Families" and "Add Families" sections
2008-04-06Add code to add users and the What's New area
2008-04-03Genealogy 3.0 is in production.
2005-05-25Added Weitermann family info and photos, courtesy of Jan and Bill Snover
2005-02-16Add Eric Sprague's "4 Centuries of Spragues"
2003-07-06Added more Meier family detail.
2003-06-09Added discussion board.
2003-02-17Added pics of Mary, Kenny, Topper and Mary Jane Katarincic. Also added pics of Walter, Mike and Steve Anderson.
NameBirth DateDeath DateDate Updated
Katarincic, Michael James1965-03-1201-25-20222022-09-19
Bloom, William 188719642020-10-12
DuRoy, Gayle Lolita1932-03-202005-01-082017-12-01
Katarincic, John Timothy1958-06-052017-11-262017-11-27
Katarincic, John Emil1928-09-252013-07-092013-07-11
Katarincic, Mark 1953-01-032010-07-062010-07-07
Weitermann, Augustina 1854-04-29 2010-03-10
Sprague, Nicholas Keith1932-02-132008-12-192008-12-20
Katarincic, Frank Louis1940-01-152008-10-042008-10-05
Richter, Elaine 1918-09-012008-06-162008-06-18
Anderson, Norm 19161986-02-032008-06-18
Litchfield, William 1853 2008-05-06
Burrows, Minni 1907 2008-05-06
Litchfield, Ernest 1892 2008-05-06
Litchfield, Rulon Wade1963 2008-05-06

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